"I Was Greeted with the Most Sincere and Friendly Welcome."


Having been diagnosed with cancer soon after my husband died; needless to say I was
devastated. I thought my world had ended. However, my son was very insistent that I visit
Wicklow Cancer Support. From my very first visit where I was made most welcome I was
greeted with the most sincere and friendly welcome.

I soon learned that the support group was a very welcome refuge. I was not only driven to hospital by the most wonderful volunteer drivers, in fact I soon began to look forward to hospital visits. Each driver was so kind, thoughtful & patient which made each trip very interesting. I was also introduced to the weekly coffee morning group and art group through each visit I’ve met & made many wonderful friends.

I have a lot to thank cancer for & Wicklow Cancer Support has made my journey through
cancer very bearable & I am so thankful for the kind & sincere friendship I have met & made
since I walked through the doors of Wicklow Cancer Support.